Man for hire

Feeling lonely? I will be your boyfriend who will take you on a romantic date – for one evening or more.

Travel Partner

Would you like to go on a dream trip but you do not have a company? I will gladly become your travelling companion and spend wonderful moments together. I am an excellent travel partner.

Private bodyguard

Hire a private and handsome personal bodyguard with whom you will always feel safe, and who will also be at your personal service.


I am an excellent masseur and I will gladly give a sensual massage to relax you so that you could forget about everything.

Scenes of jealousy

I will play a scene of jealousy with you to make your partner or husband desire you again.

Private driver

It is also a service of a professional and careful driver who will take you to a business meeting or event.

Personal trainer

I am a professional personal trainer with many years of experience, who will gladly take care of your healthy figure.

Birthdays/hen parties

I will make your friend’s last moments of freedom special as a gentleman for ladies.

Man for hire for a wedding or business meeting

Take a sexy man to a wedding or a company meeting and introduce him as your partner. I will play every role that will arouse jealousy and recognition among family members or colleagues. Man for hire for a wedding is the perfect solution for any single lady or divorcee.

If you have any questions or special wishes concerning our date, just ask, I will gladly answer them and try to meet your expectations.

Since provision of sexual services in many countries is illegal and officially prohibited by law, when renting me I offer escort services, company and unforgettable time spent together on our date. However, if something happened between us that is not described in my services, it would be a matter of voluntary choice and decision of two adults who express their willingness and consent.