Classy gigolo who will take you on an exciting date

I used to be a model back in the days. Before I became a man for hire, I was also a professional personal trainer. I worked with clients on their shape and healthy figure, combining business with pleasure, because sport is my passion. I have always been fascinated by travels – I constantly try to discover new interesting places around the world. Travelling, foreign languages, fashion, motorization and partly architecture and interior decor are my passions. In my opinion, life is an adventure, that is why I am trying to get the most out of it. I am interested in seduction and I understand women perfectly what makes my services top level. In addition to the services of a man for hire, I run my own business, which brings me a lot of satisfaction. 

Classy gigolo who will take you on an exciting date

I am a man for hire at the highest level – gallant, handsome, empathic and I offer such services to my clients. I do not treat our meetings as work, showing real emotions and feelings during the meeting. I will make our date special, exciting and unusual, and you will smile a lot, feel happy and appreciated. My handsome look, elegant clothing style, attractive body, but also intellect and sense of humour will make our meeting exciting, and you will remembered it for a long time. 

You will decide whether I will be a one night stand or a long-term friend with whom you will spend a nice time. I can go to the cinema or the restaurant with you. I will be your driver, keep you company at a company banquet, a guy for hire for a wedding or a personal trainer who will take care of your healthy figure. I will be your boyfriend on your terms, adoring you and being gallant – all to make you feel special.